Q1. How Much GST Is charged ?
Ans. GST @18% will be charged on Total billing.

Q2. Does Security Guards are in proper uniform ?
Ans. All the personnel deployed by us will be in Uniform with suitable experience and expertise in their respective field.

Q3. Are Your Services Flexible in replacing Guards If Not Compatible?
Ans. If replacement of any personnel deployed by us is sought by you, suitable replacement will be provided within 72 working hrs from the date of intimation of such replacement to our office/office bearers.

Q4. Our USP ?
Ans. To effectively supervise & maintain our standard of services, our Field Officer shall be visiting at regular intervals without any additional charge.

Q5. What About Detailed checklist/ feedback forms ?
Ans. Detailed checklist/ feedback forms will be made available at your office for your comments which we highly value.

Q6. Who will bear after Statutory Liablities ?
Ans. All statutory liabilities will be paid for by M-Five such as ESI, PF etc and same shall be paid by the client to M-Five. The rates are subject to revision of Minimum Wages by the Competent Authority of Government from time to time.

Q7. How To Book ?
Ans. The above assignment will be undertaken only after signing of agreement/ letter of Intent/Award or work-order issued by your office in our favour. In order to select, brief/train & deploy the best of personnel, we request you for an early confirmation of order. When The M-Five will raise an invoice on the last day of each month and the Client shall pay the same by the 10th of the month without any deductions.

Q8. Any Extra Charges Applicable ?
Ans. Equipment usage price will be charged extra (in case of specialized equipment).

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