Personal Guard Security Services

Personal Security Guard Officer Services

We as Security Services company not only provide regular training to our guards but also see to their vigilance through various mock activities, seminars, workshops enabling them to provide best Security services in India and also the best security services in delhi.

M-Five Private security guards are responsible for preventing violence, theft and rules violations on the properties they guard. Patrolling and monitoring the surroundings of an area are definately a part of a security guards duties. Our security guards also answer alarms, investigate disturbances, inspect and adjust security systems, and write reports of any disturbances or activity that occurred on their shifts. Not only this they are responsible for protecting their employer's property from terrorism, criminal activity, fire, theft and vandalism. M-Five Security is committed to redefining standards and providing its clients professional services of the highest quality. We firmly believe in honesty, integrity and forthrightness and strive to live up to our motto “Nidar Kadam”.

M-Five Security is currently providing:
  • Guarding Services
  • Security Training
  • Security Consultancy
  • Electronic Security Systems
  • Recognizing security as a core service sector in light of growing threat to life and assets, M-Five is engaged in expanding its services lives and assets of its clients by providing:-
  • Protection to Lives
  • Protection to assets
  • Installing Electronic Security Systems
  • Event Management Security
  • Personal Security Officer
  • Traffic Controllers/ Bouncers
  • We also provide executive protection services and specialized security services for mega-events like family gatherings, festive occasions, exhibitions and cultural shows etc apart from catering to customized requirements for special occasions and special clients by providing experts as personal security officers armed with automatic pistols.

    To customize your security needs, we propose to deploy guards round the clock to carry out patrols for static posts and beat patrols for all types of premises and perform following functions:

  • Controlling Entrance and exit
  • Manning Reception
  • Performing Internal Patrols
  • Handling Response Functions
  • Sniffer/Patrol Dogs
  • Our Company is also providing security and allied services as under on permanent basis for marriage parties, private and corporate parties etc:

  • Traffic Control
  • Valet Parking
  • Provision of Bouncers
  • Sanitizing the area by sniffer dogs
  • Door Frame Metal Detector, Hand held metal detector and under car search mirror.
  • Housekeeping and Allied utility Services
  • Placement Services
  • Selection
  • Uniform
  • Training
  • Secure Your Family - House - Assets With Us